Finding the Cheapest Medicare Supplement Plan F

Finding the cheapest Medicare supplement Plan F rates can be simple, but anyone who has reached the enrollment period for Medicare knows that understanding what exactly is covered by the various plans is complicated and often frustrating to figure out.  Here are the basics: Everyone who enrolls in Medicare gets Medicare Part A, which covers hospital stays and other costs.  For a small monthly premium, most people also enroll in Medicare Part B, which covers doctor’s appointments.  Additionally, many people choose a Medicare Part D plan to help pay for the cost of their prescriptions.  THEN there are options like Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Part F, which helps to cover what Medicare does not.

Medicare A and B leave behind a significant number of copays and coinsurances.  For someone who is very healthy and rarely sees the doctor or a hospital, this might be fine; for someone who has regular visits with doctors or frequent hospital stays, these costs can quickly become overwhelming.  Part D also has coverage gaps and donut holes, which can be incredibly overwhelming for those who take several medications.

Some people who have very low income levels may be able to qualify for state programs that can help pay for extra Medicare costs.  For others, there are various Medicare Supplement programs – often called Medigap programs – that help to pay for these coverage gaps, coinsurances, and deductibles.  Medicare Plan F falls into this group of programs.

Many different companies offer Medicare Supplement plans.  Due to federal legislation, all plans must offer the same coverage within their Medigap Plan F.  So three insurance companies may all offer Plan F, and each Plan F will have the exact same benefits to the insured person.  Medicare Supplement Plan F covers:

  • Hospitalization: Plan F covers Medicare Part A coinsurance, and also pays for 365 days of hospitalization after Part A coverage ends.
  • Medical Expenses: Plan F pays for Medicare Part B coinsurances
  • Deductibles for both Medicare Part A and Part B
  • Excess charges on Part B (if your doctor bills you for the difference between what they charge and what Medicare will pay)

If Medigap Plan F isn’t right for you, there are several other options.  Some people find that the coverage in Plan F is more than what they need, and that the premium is too high.  If this is the case, other Plans have more affordable coverage at a smaller premium, or our agents can help you find the cheapest Medicare supplement Plan F that will fit your budget.

It is important to note, however, that when you enroll in a Medigap plan is important; if you enroll as soon as you’re eligible for Medicare, you will be able to enroll without your health being examined.  If you enroll after that initial period, or want to switch between plans (From Plan H to Plan F, for example), the insurance company will review your health and may charge you a higher premium, or they may refuse to cover you at all.

Get the Cheapest Medicare Supplement Plan F Rates

Not sure which plan you need? Make sure to speak to one of our insurance agents, as we are familiar with the different Medicare Supplement programs available and can help you choose the program that will meet your health care needs. Get the cheapest Medicare supplement Plan F rates that fit your healthcare needs and budget today!