Medicare Plan F High Deductible

Understanding Medicare’s coverage can be complicated.  The federal health insurance plan targeted toward the elderly and disabled demographics is made up of various parts and plans all indicated by letters.  Plan F is a Medigap policy, which is a plan designed to cover things not already covered under the original parts of Medicare.  Plan F on its own is one of the most comprehensive supplemental plans, but the premium cost can be prohibitive for some people.  There is also a high deductible version of the plan, Medicare Plan F High Deductible, which is more affordable for some.

The basic pieces of Medicare are its hospital coverage (Part A) and doctors’ coverage (Part B).  Many people also have a Part D plan that covers their prescription drug costs.

Parts A and B have a number of deductibles, coinsurances, and copays that members are responsible for.  Some people don’t mind that they will have to pay a certain amount out of pocket for any hospital or doctor visit.  Others would rather pay a monthly premium and have these costs covered.

Part F and Part G leave members with very little costs outside of their premiums, but the premiums tend to be much higher than other supplemental plans.  One solution for some members is a Medicare Plan F High Deductible.  The high deductible plan covers everything Plan F does, but the member must pay a certain amount of cost out of pocket before the plan will pay for anything.  Once the out of pocket cost has been paid, the coverage is the same as the regular Plan F.

High Deductible Plan F requires you to pay a yearly deductible of $2,240.  After that is paid, coverage can include:

  • The $1,340 coinsurance and deductible of Medicare Part A
  • 365 days of hospital coverage after Part A stops paying
  • Medicare Part B deductible
  • Part B coinsurance
  • Part B excess charges (the difference between what your doctor charges and what Medicare pays)
  • Hospice care

Should you desire coverage in case of a disaster and don’t mind sharing certain health costs, the high deductible version might be ideal.

Members are eligible for one open enrollment period that happens at the same time they become eligible for Medicare.  During this initial enrollment period, they can choose any supplement plan regardless of their current health and pay the same premium as anyone else who selects the plan.  After the enrollment period ends, they can still change plans but will need to provide information about their health.  This can cause their premium to increase or even result in denied coverage.

Get the Best Medicare Plan F High Deductible Rates

Since supplement plans are standardized, members can choose an insurance company they are comfortable with and know they’re getting the same benefits as everyone else on Medicare Plan F High Deductible.  Choosing a plan depends on personal financial and medical information; speak to an insurance agent from our highly trained team today!  We are very familiar with Medicare and Medigap plans and will help you find the best option.